object-oriented social media account

Object-Oriented Social Media Account [EF#404]

Just wondering, what if our social media account is an object-oriented social media account. What does that mean? It means that our social media account will have a direct correlation with the owner, us. Everything that connects to the account and its owner will be derived from its true personality and its genuine behavior. No more lies. No more excessive personal branding. And of course, there will be no fake accounts. Unlike everything that goes on our social media nowadays. They are just, too much. Too many affectations. Too many hypocrisy. Too many falsities. Continue reading Object-Oriented Social Media Account [EF#404]

empty your glass

Empty Your Glass [EF#XX]

We often do not realize that truthfully we are so stupid. Yes, stupid. It is not because we are not a well-educated person. It is not about how great we are in social status tough. Or, it is not a matter of how many achievements we have got as well. It is just a simple thing about how we can properly listen to others. How that can be? Continue reading Empty Your Glass [EF#XX]

no excuses

No Excuses [#EF27]

What is the typical statement for us to justify our actions? Yes, average people will definitely say, “I am already doing my best”. For the context of thankfulness, it may not be a wrong statement. No matter how much we get, we need to be grateful for everything that was given to us. But, if we are going to compare it with our own low-rate achievement, it should not be like that. There are no excuses at all. Continue reading No Excuses [#EF27]

the memory of X

The Memory of X [EF#19]

Talking about the most memorable relationship, I believe that most of us would write about X. It is because X is the most sought-after thing in the world, all the time. In every equation, we are required to always be able to find the correct value of X. At some point, we need to find X to solve our problem. And occasionally, we have to discover the sequence of X = f(X1, X2, X3, … Xn) to find its final result. It is because X1 may has a relationship to X2, and we may know the information of X3 from X2, and it is not impossible that X4 has similar characteristic with X1, and so on until we find the real value of X. Continue reading The Memory of X [EF#19]

complicated relationship

Complicated Relationship [EF#18]

I have been told that there is no such thing as a complicated relationship in this world. The relationships become complicated because we are the one who created a complicated situation in our own mind. We used to be dragged into some complex conditions just because we can only see it from our own intricate perspectives instead of the simple one. It is hard to believe that this kind of circumstances may create a cruel perception of a simple problem in particular reality. Continue reading Complicated Relationship [EF#18]

a trend about having ideals

A Trend About Having Ideals [EF#17]

In the past time, information was very limited. The filtration of its contents did not need any big effort. It was because the number of the content itself was relatively few comparing to the huge amount of information that we have seen today. Most of the people have had just followed the pattern. A simple pattern which had been presented by no more than five TV channels and some local newspapers. As simple as the answer of any children who had been asked about ideals. The typical answer was becoming a pilot, doctor, military officer, engineer, or even a president. It was because those professions were commonly considered as the best role model and worth to be imitated by all Indonesian children. Continue reading A Trend About Having Ideals [EF#17]

Indonesian tales - Obedient Cat

An Obedient Cat [EF#16]

Talking about Indonesian traditional tales is very interesting. There are lots of urban legends, fable, folklore, folktales, myths, and any other contemporary stories which had so many noble values. When I was a child, I was always interested in those stories. My father frequently used to tell me about some classic fables, such as a story of clever mouse deer, the legend of golden snail, or a story of turtle race. Besides, there were famous children magazines at that time whose contained various contemporary tales. You must be heard about Bobo and Mentari Putra Harapan, right? They were pioneer for high-quality kids’ contents and stories. Continue reading An Obedient Cat [EF#16]

tic tac toe board game

Behavioral Study of Board Games [EF#15]

The very first basic rule defined on the board games is about the gameplay. Board games can only be played by using a turn-based rule. That means, there is always a time when a player run his/her step before or after the opponent’s or his own step on a single player type board games. Unlike the traditional field games (gobak sodor, benteng-bentengan, sepak tekong, petak umpet, boy-boyan, etc) which is run by parallel processes at the same time, board games run with the serial processes. The current step will become a previous step to the next step. And the next step will eventually become a previous step to the next upper-level step, and so on, until the game reaches its end. In other words, game over. Continue reading Behavioral Study of Board Games [EF#15]

sketch conan

Sketching My Favorite Manga Character – Conan Edogawa [EF#14]

But, a challenge is a challenge. πŸ˜€ I chose another favorite character of my own. You can guess it from the title don’t you. Yes, he is Conan Edogawa (kid version) or Shinichi Kudo (adult version). He is the main character of Meitantei Conan / Detective Conan anime series and manga. The story has been plotted for the first syndicate case called Black Organization that has been started to reveal by a young genius detective, Shinichi Kudo. Unfortunately, he has been caught in action during an investigation. Then they force him to ingest an experimental poison called APTX 4869 in order to kill him without leaving evidence. But, a rare occurrence of the side effect has been released. Instead of dying, he has had transformed into a child because of that poison. Ah… I am sure you already familiar with the rest of the story. What I want to share in this post is just about how a (fake) fanart like me doing a participation to enliven the atmosphere. Yes, drawing, sketching, and its kind. Not quite important tasks though. Continue reading Sketching My Favorite Manga Character – Conan Edogawa [EF#14]


Bad Bad Bad Badminton [EF#13]

It seems the challenges are more challenging from weeks to weeks. And I have always being late to post the challenge from time to time. πŸ˜€ I think my last EF post is more suitable for this week’s topic, Sports. But, in the matter of admin’s dignity, I have to pick another sports genre to answer the challenge. The first thing I have in mind was walking (alone), “mlaku pelan-pelan“. But it was just the way too general I think. So, I need another option. Hmm… doing horse riding looked awesome. But I never did it for even once. Doing some extreme sports like bungee jumping seemed interesting. But I did not have time to do those crazy things. The point is I have had thousand reasons for excuses like this. 😈 Continue reading Bad Bad Bad Badminton [EF#13]

bike story 100

My Bio-Cycle Story [EF#12]

According to the title, I guess you have already know that I will write about bicycle as one of my favorite daily vehicles. I am also quite sure that you have already familiar with the tagline “bike to work”. Yes, bicycle is the most long-lasting personal transportation mode we’ve known since long ago. There are so many reasons why the bicycle is not obsolete by the age. Sometimes, we need something fast enough but environmentally safe. Sometimes, we need simple things to do like biking. Or, sometimes, we need to take care our health and endurance. Or maybe the silly reason, we just do not have enough money to buy a motorcycle. Whatever it is, I believe there must be a long story behind it. Story which has passed through generations. Not much changes, but it may remind us why do we have so complex problems while we can make it simple, as simple as pedaling a pair of wheels. Continue reading My Bio-Cycle Story [EF#12]


#OOTD – Eager to Wear Eiger [EF#11]

As we know, we have a qualified local brand of adventure equipments and outfits. Its label is quite famous even among the people who lived outside Indonesia. I knew this from my best friend who lives in Japan. He said if you see people using those local brand’s stuffs, then he/she is definitely an Indonesian. Yes, the brand is Eiger. Continue reading #OOTD – Eager to Wear Eiger [EF#11]

Indonesian-cuisine-jajanan-pasar-26 bandung

Indonesian Traditional Pastry and Cakes [EF#10]

Indonesian cuisine is very diverse. There may be thousands of its type which has been spread out across the country since a long time ago. If I may say, the total number is countless. I am not sure how many ingredients and seasonings that are involved to create its fabulous flavor. The taste itself are also immeasurable, derived from Sabang to Merauke. From each tribe to the farraginous philosophies. Hereditary, from one recipe to another until it reaches our current generation. From one story to another until it reaches your heart. #eh Continue reading Indonesian Traditional Pastry and Cakes [EF#10]

Come and Join Us in The First BEC Meet Up; Blogging in English Confidently

Originally posted on Blog English Club:
Hello BEC’ers, We invite you to The First BEC Meet Up; Blogging in English Confidently with OllieΒ  (Co-Founder of Nulis Buku.com & Blogger Salsabeela.com) as our Speaker. This event will be held on: Day/ Date: Saturday/ February 28, 2015 Time: 11 am – 01.00 pm Venue: The Library of Kemendikbud, 500 meter of FX, Senayan. I WANT TO ATTEND BUT I HAVEN’T REGISTERED AS A MEMBER YET. Sure, why not? Just register here. What DO I need to bring? You only need to come with a spirit to LEARN and CONNECT. Also please prepare… Continue reading Come and Join Us in The First BEC Meet Up; Blogging in English Confidently

Connect the Dots

Connecting the Dots [EF#5]

From my point of view, we ourselves can not predict our own future. Not even one second ahead. So then, it is kind of useless when we try to look forward about our dots. It is not possible. We may put some plans on the table. We may create some priority list. It is OK, it shall seem like that. But the main important thing is we need to do the best of anything we can do. Because we never know what the best scenario that suits us better. That is truly the art. Continue reading Connecting the Dots [EF#5]

the devil nobita

What If Nobita was a Genius [EF#4]

What if I say that Nobita has a chance to become a genius boy. Will this world become better? Is Nobita wise enough to control the powers that already at his hands? Do you still believe that Nobita is a good guy? Some said we may trust everyone, but not the devil inside them — John Bridger, Italian Job. The one you look as a saint today is not always the same person you will see tomorrow. So I think it would be an exciting viewpoint. Continue reading What If Nobita was a Genius [EF#4]

pervasive, ubiquitous

Gadget in a Pervasive World [EF#3]

Sometimes, we do interact with our gadgets as its normal state. I mean, we do not even think about the background processes that involved. We do not even care about the number of commands that will be executed when we press a “play” button on our smart TV. We might not need to imagine what kind of algorithm which is run by our fuzzy washing machine. That is because gradually, we will not realize it as is used to be. Continue reading Gadget in a Pervasive World [EF#3]

The Wildest Dream: Becoming a President [EF#2]

Most people do not know what will they do in the future, in detail. But when we are talking about dreams, it seems that everyone has their own stories of what do they most want to do. Climbing the highest mountain peak in the world? Going around to the most exotic spots in every country? Or just spending the old days with fishing and farming? Continue reading The Wildest Dream: Becoming a President [EF#2]

moving on

Moving On [EF#1]

Some people have had developed their resolution into something that only the future can hold. It is called prediction, or we used to mention it as forecast, on an extremely special case definition. In my opinion, prediction is more reasonable. It is because, basically, the predictions are based on statistics. Prediction about the trends of the web design, weather prediction, and so on. While I am not really sure what basis that is used by the forecast. Continue reading Moving On [EF#1]