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No Excuses [#EF27]


What is the typical statement for us to justify our actions? Yes, average people will definitely say, “I am already doing my best”. For the context of thankfulness, it may not be a wrong statement. No matter how much we get, we need to be grateful for everything that was given to us. But, if we are going to compare it with our own low-rate achievement, it should not be like that. There are no excuses at all.

Assume that the universe was created with all its balance. But none of its members has exactly the same substantials. Basically, God has created each of us to be beautifully different from one to another. Different mind, physically different also, and many differences in roles. But, it does not mean that this world itself is not fair. In any means, this world is always synchronized perfectly in a balanced fairness. What about our differences? Let’s just say that God wants to create this world to be more colorful with so many but equal portions of our free will.

So, no matter what, everything is fair in love and war. πŸ˜€ We can check the correlation from the infographic below.

no excuses

Basically, there are some common anti no excuse statements which can affect our attitude to life. Just keep them inside your frame of mind and you will find another similar excuse statements repeatedly. Or put them away outside your daily behavior in order to become a better person from time to time. Life is a matter of choice after all.

  1. If only

The first typical statement is “if only”, “suppose that”, “what if”, and any other similar things. In fact, there will be no end if we are keep talking about supposition. It can never be proved, it has no validation, and more importantly it never happen. We can just call it as a story. A story that never happen. The real thing is we never done it as how we tell that story. No excuse.

  1. I am just…

Next thing is about lowering expectation. It is not about self-awareness. But it is more likely about purposely lowering any standard just because we think we can never achieve it, or we failed it. The more we are bubbling about this kind of statement, the more we entertain ourselves with the wrong beliefs. No excuse.

I’m just too old for this kind of job. — So what? You’re still alive don’t you?
I’m not qualified enough. — Then just quit if you’re not capable enough. No regret, please!
It is just too hard for me. — Any jobs would be easier if not done.

  1. I don’t deserve

If you say I don’t deserve, then it means you really don’t deserve at all. That’s it. No excuse.

  1. Blaming

Some said, the easiest way to make an excuse is by blaming the others, blaming the country, blaming the entire world. You yourself can never be so wrong. Keep that in mind, and you would end up with a vicious circle by blaming everything or everyone but you.

  1. I don’t have

What do we truly have in this world? Nothing. We born from nothing. We die become nothing. So, if you say, “I don’t have money to begin with”. Then you need to begin with everything that was given to you. Use your head, use your hands, use your heart, use your relatives, use your soft skill, use everything that close enough to you. Do you still think that you do not have anything? Wake up dude! No excuse, please!

  1. It’s not the right time

I think everyone has agreed that the best activity (business, study, practice, etc) is starting from now, doing by ourselves, and beginning from small things. So, are there any other reasons for not doing it right now?

  1. Too much worrying

The last but not least. Too much worrying about something will exactly kill you for sure. We are here not talking about the true worries. We are here describing the fake worries. Not doing anything just because of the fake worries is terribly shameful. Telling the world about your loss. Telling your friends about your failure. Telling your family about your “best effort”. in fact, a loss is a loss. Failure is a failure. No excuse. If you are not getting the best result, then it means you have not done the best effort yet. Appropriateness is given to the right person who deserves. Just suit yourself to the success if you want it so bad. Not just telling the others about your worries condition so that you ended up in a failure state.

The point is, there are always a thousand reasons we can tell to the world about our own low-rate achievements. But we often forget that the most important thing is by doing it with the true best effort, the true passion, and make no excuse.


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13 thoughts on “No Excuses [#EF27]

  1. So, I’m a DPO now. I see. Hahahaha.

    I thought the Infographics is yours Om. πŸ˜€ Cool Infographics. πŸ™‚

    If only, I had read it everything more clearly, perhaps I will understand everything more *excuses* hahahahaha. Kidding.

    7 habits that ruins your life – hmmm why suddenly I am thinking about a boo – 7 Habits for Lazy People huahahahahaha

    Too much rambling in this comment

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  2. Njr*t why did you put my name Mbaahh??!! I’m just not ready for this. I’m too awesome you know?! Hahahaha. πŸ˜› That was why you asked the address then.. Aaargh. Haven’t written anything yet but willingly from the deepest of my heart to write one piece about it! πŸ˜€


  3. I think we can’t call that we have done our best if we still said those expressions you described above. Oh, viva procrastination! But procrastinating won’t solve anything–a real action does. But that’s difficult… so why don’t we try it first? :hehe.


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