Bad Bad Bad Badminton [EF#13]


It seems the challenges are more challenging from weeks to weeks. And I have always being late to post the challenge from time to time. 😀 I think my last EF post is more suitable for this week’s topic, Sports. But, in the matter of admin’s dignity, I have to pick another sports genre to answer the challenge. The first thing I have in mind was walking (alone), “mlaku pelan-pelan“. But it was just the way too general I think. So, I need another option. Hmm… doing horse riding looked awesome. But I never did it for even once. Doing some extreme sports like bungee jumping seemed interesting. But I did not have time to do those crazy things. The point is I have had thousand reasons for excuses like this. 😈

Behind the Story

To be honest, I am not a talented person in sports. But, I do not know why I really love them so much. When I was a child, my physical strength was relatively weaker than others of the same age. Thin body, not too proportional, easy to get sick, and even I have had a nosebleed when being exposed to the sun for too long. You know what, I often got fainted when doing some common physical activities, like a ceremony on the field, race walking, and even while on a sports subject elementary school examination. Yes, it was me.

Identity Establishment

I need to get stronger. That was my first time mission when I realized it with my adolescent thought. So, I started to participate any sports club as many as possible in order to protect my beloved family and my friends. **halah Naruto mode on 😈 And by that time, I chose Running, Volleyball, Bicycling, Pencak Silat, Swimming, and Badminton as my favorites.

One principle that I believe, once you get into something, you must finish it, or at least you have to become the part of it with joy. Some of them, I have experienced it by following a few championships. Although I had never become a champion. Hehehe. And some of them are still becoming my hobby.


For now, the most interesting sport that I still do is Badminton. I still keep in touch with my racket and its shuttlecock for at least once a week. You can read a little story about my Badminton activity in here. But, please do not get me wrong. My skill on Badminton is just so so. Maybe worst for someone who has already played a Badminton for years. I told you that I am not a talented person in sports right? Yes, it is absolutely including this Badminton of course.

Actually, I’ve got inspired by my father who has been a Badminton champion when he was in high school. My father taught me when I was 10. He trained me with some theory and techniques. How to serve, how to initiate a smash, how to begin a drop shot, how to play nicely with the net, and some rules on Badminton. Unfortunately, the trail has never be revealed to me. I was just the way too slow. So, I was just enjoy it as a hobby, no more. In the end, I realize that I am bad at badminton, but I do love it badly. So bad, that I always miss my father. A most inspiring person in my life who taught me everything about sports. Bad bad bad Badminton!!

Oh ya, my father and I used to talk about Badminton players. He had so many stories about them. Icuk Sugiarto, Rudy Hartono, Liem Swie King, Alan Budi Kusuma, Susi Susanti, Ardi B Wiranata, Heriyanto Arbi, Joko Supriyanto, Ricky Subagja, Rexy Mainaky, and so on. Last time we’ve talked about it, he mentioned his number one favorite, Andik Taufiq Hidayat. 😀

This post is a submission for BEC’s English Friday, 13th topic: Which Sport Do You Use?. If you want to know more, please join us! 😀

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34 thoughts on “Bad Bad Bad Badminton [EF#13]

  1. So I guess his name was taken from you right Mbah? I’m sure of it. Back when Susi Susanti won her gold, I used to imagine myself doing her serve (servis itu serve kan ya?) as she did her in a way more elegant way compared to others back then. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kalo kata mbah saya, yg penting hepi… :))
      iya, bapak emang bakat olahraga, walaupun bukan atlit beneran sih, tiap kali kejuaraan voli, badminton selalu juara kecamatan…


      1. Ya, itulah yang dikhawatirkan, semoga pembinaannya maksimal jadi muncul bibit-bibit baru yang bisa mengharumkan nama bangsa :)).

        Liked by 1 person

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