empty your glass

Empty Your Glass [EF#XX]


We often do not realize that truthfully we are so stupid. Yes, stupid. It is not because we are not a well-educated person. It is not about how great we are in social status tough. Or, it is not a matter of how many achievements we have got as well. It is just a simple thing about how we can properly listen to others. How that can be?

Basically, we are a true learner. We can do so many things because we learn. It differs us from animals. We evolve. Animals don’t. We think. Animals just use their instinct. We develop many things. Animals just act for their own survival at a time. We create technology. Animals just eat, drink, sleep, and copulate. So, why we are the one who always complain about our lives but still doing nothing. Without learning something new. Without a real act to implement. It is because we do not listen. We do not read. We do not pay attention. We perceive that we are so smart already. We believe that we already know everything. Our glass is always fool full. No more room for new input.

empty your glass

Your God has given you all the answers you need. You just need to listen. Pay more attention to every single creation with its complexity. Read the guideline which has been told trough generations. There are so many of them. That is why, every time you read, anytime you listen, you need to empty your glass.

Don’t get so cocky when meeting random people. We don’t even know who really he/she is. There will always be new knowledge that can be learned. There will always be an experience which makes us curious. And even so, we can always learn from anything which looked like an unimportant thing, or just a silly matter that everyone might forget. Once again, please empty your glass.

Besides, how can you learn something new if you know too much, and always feel already know a lot of things. Just… empty your glass, Bro!!


Bahasa inggris masih acak-acakan? No worries bro! Ikuti aja EF-Challenge yang diadakan oleh admin-admin BEC yang super kece setiap hari jumat. Jangan lupa ikuti juga materi-materi tentang belajar menulis bahasa inggris yang baik dan betul di English-Essential.

This post is NOT a submission for BEC’s English Friday, topic: Kenapa Baca Buku Bahasa Inggris. If you want to know more, please join us! 😀

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23 thoughts on “Empty Your Glass [EF#XX]

  1. Yes, Mas. We develop because we learn. This post reminds me of one of a preacher who once said, “When you attend a learning forum, do not let your glass upside down or you’ll be unable to contain anything.” Our arrogance will keep us from progressing, for sure. When we think we have known everything, then we’ll likely assume to be the best and therefore refuse to learn, even just to listen. to others.

    You made a point when you write, //Your God has given you all the answers you need. You just need to listen. Pay more attention to every single creation with its complexity.// However, it is not always to do so. It takes belief to grab the answers we need. Thanks for sharing this post.

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