complicated relationship

Complicated Relationship [EF#18]


I have been told that there is no such thing as a complicated relationship in this world. The relationships become complicated because we are the one who created a complicated situation in our own mind. We used to be dragged into some complex conditions just because we can only see it from our own intricate perspectives instead of the simple one. It is hard to believe that this kind of circumstances may create a cruel perception of a simple problem in particular reality.

complicated relationship

Wanna Prove?

Sample Case 1: Completely Daydreaming

“Believe it or not, I had a complicated relationship with Dian Sastro. She was my inspiration. An ideal future wife of mine. I had always showed her my sincerity. I liked her for every way she was. Until she let me down when she decided to marry someone else. My heart was completely broken. My expectation has had just become a dashed memory of her.”

The big question: Did Dian Sastro know you personally? Please, wake up, Dude!

Sample Case 2: Overacting

“I was a 23 years-old college student. I was very close to my senior. He was quite handsome and very kind to me. Honestly, I felt in a comfort zone with him. You know what I mean. It was like a complicated relationship without bond. I did not know what happened between us. Sometimes we used to had a joke. And then we laughed together. Sometimes he told me that he was enjoying every moment with me. And occasionally he showed me some codes. I pretended not to understand it. I was very happy you know. I was always enjoying my time with him as well. Until my tears showed up when he decided to leave this city. He left me alone with our precious memory that I have never forget.”

The big question: Did he tell you that he love you? Or, did you tell him about your feeling directly? Please, get over yourself! Being excessive is always not good for everyone.

Sample Case 3: Don’t Know What To Do

“I am a thirty something years-old guy who lived in the biggest and the most crowded city in this country. I am very busy with my job. I am not married yet. It is because I don’t have time to think about marriage. I don’t even think about any criterias of my future wife at all. I don’t have any target. I feel happy with my career now. Any girl-friend? Of course, I have it. Do I get it seriously? Yes, but I don’t know. I think it is more like a complicated relationship to me. It seems I am not really sure who she is, what is her family background, can she be a prospective mother of my future child or not, is she a really good person or not. Physically, she is beautiful. But I am afraid that she is not the best comparing to any girl friend that I have met. It is a nice occasion you know to meet many girls from my ex-college friends. By using this chance, I think it can help me to get my perfection to be more objective than just intercommunicate with one person only.”

The big question: Did you really choose someone? Did you bring these things into a more serious state? Not just only by chat and by flirting more and more woman? Please, respect their pride! Just get to the point!

In the end, if you are still a single, don’t worry. You will find your beloved partner, in time. A partner who really supports you in every single day. If and only if you have the courage to give yourself a time to think that there will be no a perfect human in this world. Including the one you are going to marry. Don’t get to be a so complicated person. Simplify every problem. Just get over it. Your lifetime is very limited for just any trivial affairs like this. Search any normal person to live with. Not the celebs. Think!!

NB: Please ignore all of my babble on this post this time. I just didn’t know how those words came to my text editor. It was just too complex for me to think about a complicated relationship. Please do not get too serious. No, I mean this is getting serious now. &%%@$%((*^$@#@…

This post is a submission for BEC’s English Friday, theme: Relationship, 18th topic: What is Complicated Relationship For You. If you want to know more, please join us! 😀

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23 thoughts on “Complicated Relationship [EF#18]

  1. Indeed it’s all in my head. Thus I choose to just get over it. As always. Love your writings! 🙂
    *kayake aku bw mrene pas bahasa Inggrisan tok ya Mbah? Ngapunten yaaa

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah… santay santay… yg jadi permasalahan adalah… itu knp ya kok tetep ada button +follow nya di WP readerku blog sampeyan… hari ini kuklik follow, besok muncul lagi dia, bukannya jadi unfollow, malah tetep follow… aneh… **OOT


  2. The most important point of this post is in the first sentence of the last paragraph. Noted! Thanks Mas..


  3. Mbah, so genius! Instead of tearing about complicated relationship, I’m laughing read yours. Hahaha. I even didn’t make one yet. I didn’t have any idea, but when I have any idea, I didn’t have much time. I think this is my complicated thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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