relationship effect

Relationship Effect [EF#20]


Relationship effect is just like the effect of playing a kite. Sometimes we had a very beautiful kite. And sometimes we lost it. Sometimes we were proud of our skill. But sometimes we had to accept losing. Sometimes we were very confident of the strength of our string. But sometimes we had to admit that every string has a tolerance value to breaking up.

relationship effect
Relationship Effect

Relationship is a Playground

Kite is a very popular traditional game in this world. Everyone knows it. We have to going outside if we want to play a kite. Going outside means socializing. Meeting someone at a field occasionally happens. We may play together with our companions, friends, family, or maybe just some random people. Once our kites flying away on the sky, we can see clearly everyone’s kite. No matter how far the players’ position, we can always make our kites reaching each other, as long as we can see them directly. That is a kind of relationship environment we can play.

relationship effect
Taken from Dagelan.

There are Always Competitors

Sometimes, we feel jealous at our friends’ kites and how they play. They seem so wonderful. We frequently thought they have everything, a well-designed kite, a high-quality string, and a great playing skill. But we often forget that everyone has the same nature of winds. So, it is just like any kinds of relationships, everything is a competition, after all.

When to Draw and When to Extend

Playing a kite is a kind of art. To get it in handy when flying this thing, we need to manage when to draw, or when to extend. We need to play it beautifully with our flexibility of style. We can not push it too hard when the wind is too strong. We can not make it fly safety when the rain has come. We can never enforce our own will to the others in every kind of relationship. Once we broke the law, it will obviously finished over.

Enjoy Playing a Relationship

Playing a kite means anything related to the others may occurs. We may get crossing each other. We may do some competition. We can always enjoy the game even when we are playing alone. That is a special thing about the relationship. Our whole life is about relationship. We need many opportunities as we can to create a good relationship. It is because a relationship may be more valuable than money or even our own personal interests. All we need to do is enjoy this thing.

The Effect

Do not get too selfish when we are talking about the relationship effect. Every kite player must have felt losing his/her beloved kite, a broken string, or even the emptiness of winds. The wind does not always helping our kite to fly on the right direction, according to our will. Sad, jealous, angry, love, missing, etc are just the normal expression which caused by any kinds of relationships. Some positive feeling should motivate our life and boost our spirit. The negative occurrences should not become an obstacle. We can always adopt it as a valuable experience and a good life lesson. Find as many relationships as we can. So we can get our meaning in this life, a very valuable relationship effect.

This post is a submission for BEC’s English Friday, theme: Relationship, 20th topic: Relationship Effect. If you want to know more, please join us! πŸ˜€

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16 thoughts on “Relationship Effect [EF#20]

  1. I think I’ve failed in the rule of when to draw and when to extend Mbah. Too much extend because of daily business hahaha. *Tear*

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    1. Jones itu sebelum main layangan udah takut duluan bakal tersayat oleh tajamnya benang yang memilukan. Jones itu hanya bisa melihat dari kejauhan orang-orang yang bersuka cita memperebutkan layangan idaman. Jones itu begitu sekalinya bisa main layangan tiba-tiba turun hujan deras yang komposisi sebenarnya adalah 5% air hujan + 95% penyesalan. Hahaha… wis ah…

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