review sepeda london taxi

Review Sepeda London Taxi

Kali ini saya akan melakukan review abal-abal terhadap sebuah sepeda berjenis city bike yang kira-kira sudah saya pakai dalam 2 bulan terakhir ini. Nama brand-nya adalah London Taxione of the core brand with lifestyle and vintage concept. Begitu bunyi tagline yang terpampang nyata di web distributor resminya, Jefferys Indonesia. Continue reading Review Sepeda London Taxi

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My Bio-Cycle Story [EF#12]

According to the title, I guess you have already know that I will write about bicycle as one of my favorite daily vehicles. I am also quite sure that you have already familiar with the tagline “bike to work”. Yes, bicycle is the most long-lasting personal transportation mode we’ve known since long ago. There are so many reasons why the bicycle is not obsolete by the age. Sometimes, we need something fast enough but environmentally safe. Sometimes, we need simple things to do like biking. Or, sometimes, we need to take care our health and endurance. Or maybe the silly reason, we just do not have enough money to buy a motorcycle. Whatever it is, I believe there must be a long story behind it. Story which has passed through generations. Not much changes, but it may remind us why do we have so complex problems while we can make it simple, as simple as pedaling a pair of wheels. Continue reading My Bio-Cycle Story [EF#12]