object-oriented social media account

Object-Oriented Social Media Account [EF#404]


Just wondering, what if our social media account is an object-oriented social media account. What does that mean? It means that our social media account will have a direct correlation with the owner, us. Everything that connects to the account and its owner will be derived from its true personality and its genuine behavior. No more lies. No more excessive personal branding. And of course, there will be no fake accounts. Unlike everything that goes on our social media nowadays. They are just, too much. Too many affectations. Too many hypocrisy. Too many falsities.

The concept itself is quite similar to what we call as intelligent agent on Artificial Intelligence subject. But, this is more personally. An agent who is bound to its personal ID. It can not actually think. It is just a reflection of user’s personality. Or it is just a digital shadow of anything that the account owner may think.

The Model

Basically, the account is a combination of the artificial agent as user’s copycat method, and an object instantiation which creates a very specific compatible pattern of the user’s personality. To make it simple, anything that goes on our behavior, our opinions, our small talks, our tendency, or even our faith will be mapped to the artificial agent. On the other hand, everything that has a correlation with our common identity will be stored in the object. By using this kind of model, we have just created a duplicate of ourselves in the digital world. Is it an easy way to go? Honestly, I really do not know if it can be possibly implemented or not. But, let’s see from the very common perspective first.

Inheritance and Relationship

We all know that the concept of object-oriented thingy consists of two main area: inheritance, and relationship. Inheritance is just a rule of how a cast model can produce any objects which have similar characteristics. For example, Lecturer is a cast model. While Anies Baswedan is one of the objects which derived from Lecturer. So, any characteristics of a lecturer will always be patched to Anies Baswedan. But, the characteristic itself may vary. We know that Amien Rais is also a lecturer. But, each of them has unique characteristic value. How they differ in the matter of age. How they differ from their education concept. Or maybe they are also different in the case of political views. Anyhow, we can still call them as a lecturer.

As a complement, Relationship is a correlation between objects. The correlation can be one to one relationship, many to one, or many to many. It depends on what matters we are talking about. If we are talking about the family relationship, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono and Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono, both of them are the son of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Of course, we can always change the subject to a best friend relationship, wife-husband relationship, working partners relationship, brothers relationship, and any other relationships between us that you can describe.

So ideally, with the concept of object-oriented social media account, we can define the valid account that has a real personality just like the owner in the real world. And vice versa, the owner itself is a real metaphor of the object-oriented account. With this kind of method, the “like” and “follow” button will be no longer exist. I presume the buttons will be replaced by “extends” or “implements”. If I extend the fan page of Yusuf Mansur, then it means I always agree with every opinion that has declared by Yusuf Mansur on his account. If I implement the public profile of Aa Gym, then that means I am becoming his student or commonly called as “santri“. Sorry, the terms may only be understood by you who already familiar with object-oriented computer programming.

The Twist

But, can it really accommodate our needs? Do we really need an object-oriented social media account as our representative in the digital environment? I believe we are not the one who really need it, but they are. Who are they? Let’s just skip the question for now.

Have you ever receive an ETA (estimated time of arrival) notification from your mobile device even though you are not going anywhere yet? Example: “ETA 1h 15m. Institut Teknologi Bandung, Jalan Ganesha 10. The traffic is slower than usual. Average speed 10km/h.“. Or another example: “Great job! You have been walked around 1.6km. Average speed 2km/h.“. No matter what, you will still receive the notifications although you never turned anything on your mobile device. What does that mean? It means, they know your current exact position on the map. They know the pattern of your activities on a daily basis. They know with whom you often meet. They know about your whole family and where do you live. They know your personalities. The point is, they know everything about you. No secret at all. Furthermore, they can even give you an intrusive suggestion to do something based on your behavior. A little scary isn’t it?

I am just imagining, what would they do if there is something big happen. A large-scale disaster, a global economy crisis, world war, a massive-scale political friction between countries, etc which can possibly influence many dangerous beneficial conquests around the world. Do you still remember Skynet? A large amount computational and data processing which can produce its own protocol to be automatically developed. It is a well-known machine in the legendary movie, The Terminator. The machine itself does not exist, physically. But it has a distributed mechanism all over the sky. That is why it is called Skynet. What is the correlation?

Physically, it has no correlation at all. But, functionally, it has the same pattern just like what they are doing. The implicit purpose is to dominate, to control, to rule over the world’s population. Once they can extract the data of ours, they will produce “the terminators” to invade our economy, culture, politics, resources, or even so our precious religion. Where will you go if they can always track you anywhere you be? What will you do if they can always one step ahead in a matter of important decision? How can you fight back if they already have all information about you? Declaring a war? They are obviously technology advanced already.

Well, it may be just a silly explanation which does not have any basis of reasoning. Just like the debate between the flat earth society with the common globe earth community which has a never-ending story. Please, don’t take it seriously. I am just a day-dreamer after all. ๐Ÿ˜€

object-oriented social media account

By the way, who are they?

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