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What If Nobita was a Genius [EF#4]


Continuity is the aspect of a long-term branding. When we sell something, we need to define the best key services for customers. And its lifecycle should be long lasting. Being survived as long as possible. So it will become the infinite source of our main income. That’s the ideal condition.

One interesting example is Doraemon. Who does not know Doraemon? I think everybody knows it. A strong brand of manga, anime, and the whole story packages which have been well-known since decades ago. What kind of continuity that brings Doraemon to be the one of successful brands in the world? Yes, its stories.

The main problem

Many stories have their own version of ending, but not Doraemon. I think the writers are quite brilliant. They created a good starting plot with a simple idea. The story begins with a young boy named Sewashi Nobi that comes from the future. He realizes that his great-grandfather, Nobita Nobi, had so many weaknesses. Lack of skills, bad at sports, forgetful, unreliable, goof-off, a coward, a wimp, a slow learner, timid, lazy, a spoiled baby, and any other negative angles you can describe. There are almost no positive aspects of his attitude. Those misfortunes might drag him into a misery and bullying throughout his life.

The young Sewashi does not want this kind of condition affects his family. So he sends Doraemon, an anthropomorphic robot cat, to help Nobita overcoming his misfortunes when he was at elementary school. Everyone knows that Doraemon has a magic pocket from which he can produce any kind of advanced tools that absolutely extraordinary in usage. So, Nobita’s life will be saved. It should be.

But, in fact, he is just the way too slow. How many times did he screw up everything because of his foolishness? Countless. This is the main problem of this story. But also a strong point to have. Because of this problem, the story will never end. That is obviously a well-prepared branding.

What if…

What if I say that Nobita has a chance to become a genius boy. Will this world become better? Is Nobita wise enough to control the powers that already at his hands? Do you still believe that Nobita is a good guy? Some said we may trust everyone, but not the devil inside them — John Bridger, Italian Job. The one you look as a saint today is not always the same person you will see tomorrow. So I think it would be an exciting viewpoint.

bad nobita the devil

Lend me your stuff

Based on that angle, I wish I could get into Doraemon’s storyline. I am going to create an end to all of this. For one-time opportunity, I think I would ask Doraemon to grant my wish. So Doraemon, please lend me your personality modifier tool! I will help you change the Nobita’s ability. I will make him invincible. His IQ will be around 190. And his character will get stronger. Then, you will see that this life will not get boring anymore. 😈

The features

But nothing last forever. Everything must have an end. So I need to describe the details. If Nobita changed forever, it would be just the same. The story will eventually reach its flatness. Personality modifier should have the time frame parameters. I mean we can set how long the changes may affect. Let say 27 years from now, and then the personality modifier will be inactive, forever. I wonder what kind of ending that will happen. Please wait until the next 27 years.


This post is a submission for BEC’s English Friday, 4th topic: Grab a Tool from Doraemon’s Magic Pocket!. Join us! πŸ˜€


56 thoughts on “What If Nobita was a Genius [EF#4]

  1. different viewpoint of Nobita, interesting mas Andiq
    it also interesting to see what happen if Nobita is a genius, would he be heartless or still good like before


  2. Put aside those “what ifs”, I think Sewashi Nobi didn’t know that when he changed Nobita’s life, he’d changed his life, too. Ah, the paradox.
    Still, your plot is surely amazing. And I also agree, that this Fujiko F. Fujio and his (once theirs) work is, indeed, a miracle in Japanese creative industry πŸ™‚
    Nice post.


  3. Serem amat Nobitanya, Mas? I thought this week’s theme would be ‘just for fun’? Don’t know it could turn-out this serious 😝 hihi..
    Anyway, should admit that it’s a one-of-a-kind point of view, a thorough post for a simple challenge 😊


    1. Thank you, mbak Mikan. Semua diusahakan ditulis berdasar petunjuk dari para mentor kok. (Masih) Nempel banget tuh di kepala terutama yang soal article, preposition, ama yang singular/plural. Biasanya kalau baca tulisan sendiri suka ngerasa ada yang janggal. Tapi pas dikombinasikan dengan beberapa materi itu perasaan jadi lumayan, ga terlalu aneh. Hehehe… *tetep pake perasaan*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Perasaan penting Ndik, Itu berarti sudah ada sense. Bahasa works with sense πŸ™‚ My key word for this week is proofread, proofread, and proofread. But above all, keep it simple πŸ™‚


  4. Really totally agree with the quote Mbah. we may trust everyone, but not the devil inside them β€” John Bridger, Italian Job
    So true, we can trust them but we never knew what inside them.
    And another stunning post Mba. πŸ™‚ Love it.


      1. Betul mbah. Bener banget tuh.
        Orang bisa aja senyum di depan kita. Di belakang ngomongin kejelekan kita, mungkin aja dan kita gak tahu kan.


  5. It can’t be possible because if doraemon dead he can’t use his 4d pocket.But you said Nobita is a genius.


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