Photography101-Solitude photo101

Photography 101: Solitude – Meet-up [EF#9]


I’ve been thinking, how about combining two topics into a single post? The one is a writing challenge from BEC – Share your Meet-up Moment, and the other one is a photo challenge from Photography 101 Daily Post Blogging University with its day five’s theme, Solitude. Well, it seems interesting.

Please do not throw me a bottle just because I am facing the truth that this week is a terrible state for me to write, even for a single topic. So, here I am. Rowing a boat once, two to three islands have passed. 😈


Perhaps, I am not the kind of person who eager to meet somebody, especially somebody new. Moreover, I am often confused when met with many people at once. Not that I do not like to socialize. But basically I do not like the crowded situation. It seems bustling atmosphere often makes me uncomfortable. If it should happen, I would rather be the person who is always behind the scenes.

Photography101-Solitude photo101
Technical Details
Nikkor AF-S 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6; Focal length 34mm; Shutter speed 0.0006 s; F Number f/4.2; ISO 200; White Balance Manual
Siem Reap, Cambodia

I realized that this kind of attitude was not good for my jobs. Because the fact is I really need to meet as many people as possible to gain a relationship, partnership, a business agreement, or even just making a friend. My friend told me once, “acquainted with many people is the beginning of a good business”. So, whether I wanted it or not, I need to change my mind for my own good. Thank you, pal.

Lately, I met with one of BEC founders, you know who. To be honest, I learned a lot from him. How could he gather so many bloggers in a great meet-up moment? How impressive he was when he talked about his family. How cool he is with an easy going style so that I can manage my conversation like I’ve known him for such a long time. The big head is coming. 😈

The last, I hope the next meet-up would be held in Bandung. πŸ˜›


This post is a submission for BEC’s English Friday, 9th topic: Share Your Meet-up Moment. If you want to know more, please join us! πŸ˜€

50 thoughts on “Photography 101: Solitude – Meet-up [EF#9]

  1. Lovely photo…. Don’t worry too much if you prefer to avoid the crowd. Everyone have what they like or dislike.

    Just make some effort to be comfortable in a crowd once in a while.

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    1. ho oh he mbak Nurul… peka tenan njenengan… sedang tergrusa-grusu ini πŸ˜€
      maapkeun karena tidak bisa tampil maksimal minggu ini… *siap-siap tereliminasi* -_-‘


  2. I also didn’t like having too many crowd at once in front of me. Meeting little groups is more comfortable. But you can always find a friend (usually) that clicks you from it

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  3. I think sone bloggers I know aren’t in a good mood for writing. Hm. Guess I have to make some mood boosters *lah?*
    Me too! I prefer being in a back stage, or more extremely, be the mastermind :haha.
    Wew, Bandung is a splendid city! Hopefully one day I could “beredar” to there :hehe.

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    1. kalo pas ngajar relatif enak Bang… kita yg jadi artisnya… semua mata “sewajarnya” mengarah ke kita… jadinya ya sudah, all out saja… tp kl chit-chat di keramaian yg blm tentu ada temanya, itu yg kadang saya suka bingung mau nimbrung di blok yg mana…


  4. Hello, I’m here to stop by reading your posts. Please receive my introduction, I’m from Central Borneo. I was a private person and very rarely socialize in my past time. However, circumstances have changed me into a private open. Reading your article, I feel like seeing my own figure. Your blog is so awesome. Nice to meet you.

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  5. I don’t like crowds or even meeting people either – in general it does turn out ok -doesn’t mean I’ll look forward to meeting someone else :). Excellent photo! Really excellent! Love it

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