Photography 101: Bliss – Ignorance is a Bliss


Some said ignorance is a bliss. You will always feel happy when you do not know what makes you unhappy. You will never get into trouble when you really do not know what the trouble means. What makes us human being so complex is because we are always concerned about the complexity itself. Relax, enjoy your existence, live your life as the greatest gift ever.

Technical Details
Nikkor AF-D 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6; Focal length 300mm; Shutter speed 0.0333 s; F Number f/5.6; ISO 250; White Balance Manual
Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta, Indonesia

This photo is a submission for Photography 101: A Photo a Day March 2 – 27.

Blogging University

Salam jepret! 😀

5 thoughts on “Photography 101: Bliss – Ignorance is a Bliss

  1. Ignorance is a bliss. Love the quote Mbah.

    Looking at the picture at first I didn’t realize what is it. Then I read Ragunan. Maybe an animal. Then I realized. That’s an Orang Utan.

    Why did you made the picture black and white? Any particular reason?

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    1. It is because I just want to do the experiments related to BW photography. I think I need to learn more. In fact, it is not as easy as automatically turning the colored picture into grayscale.

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      1. Yes. Indeed Mbah. It is not about turning colored picture into grayscale. A friend of mine really likes BW photo. He said that to produce one good BW photo, start from your camera.


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