Photography101-Connect photo101

Photography 101: Connect

Sometimes, we were close enough to be able to talk about anything.

Sometimes, we were assigned together so I can keep in touch with you anytime.

Sometimes, we were both holding each other just like any other happy couples.

But sometimes, I felt empty when you were close to someone else.

One thing that I still believe, we are still connected to the same rope. Continue reading Photography 101: Connect

Photography101-Solitude photo101

Photography 101: Solitude – Meet-up [EF#9]

I’ve been thinking, how about combining two topics into a single post? The one is a writing challenge from BEC – Share your Meet-up Moment, and the other one is a photo challenge from Photography 101 Daily Post Blogging University with its day five’s theme, Solitude. Well, it seems interesting. Continue reading Photography 101: Solitude – Meet-up [EF#9]