Photography101-Connect photo101

Photography 101: Connect

Sometimes, we were close enough to be able to talk about anything.

Sometimes, we were assigned together so I can keep in touch with you anytime.

Sometimes, we were both holding each other just like any other happy couples.

But sometimes, I felt empty when you were close to someone else.

One thing that I still believe, we are still connected to the same rope. Continue reading Photography 101: Connect


Photography 101: Bliss – Ignorance is a Bliss

Some said ignorance is a bliss. You will always feel happy when you do not know what makes you unhappy. You will never get into trouble when you really do not know what the trouble means. What makes us human being so complex is because we are always concerned about the complexity itself. Relax, enjoy your existence, live your life as the greatest gift ever. Continue reading Photography 101: Bliss – Ignorance is a Bliss


Photography 101: Home – Fireplace

My favorite spot at my grandma’s house when I was a child. I grew up here until I moved to Surabaya, the biggest city in the same province. It has so many memories here and the fireplace has never changed at all. When we operate this type of fireplace, the smell of bitter usually sticks to the clothes and it will be difficult to remove it. My mom sometimes yelled at me because I often played with the firewood. But, kid will always be a kid, I always enjoyed playing with that kind of stuff. Continue reading Photography 101: Home – Fireplace