ALTERnativE GOd-given [EF#6]



Intro Intro
I am a second seat police officer of a special intelligence unit, one of the prestigious institutions in this country. It has been two months since I have been assigned to this creepy mission. To be honest, this is the hardest mission I have ever handled. Chasing a mysterious guy who murdered 27 villagers, and the number is still rising. The most difficult thing is he has never left any breadcrumbs. I am a repairman. Just like any other repairman, I can fix anything. Machinery, vehicles, appliances, and even including your heart. πŸ˜€

Yeah, I heard it too, about those killings. I really do not understand, how could that someone be so ruthless. What is the point of slaying people? Ah, I do not care, I am enjoying my life now. I would not be afraid if the killer came here. I would just say, “Hello Mr. Killer, is there something that need to be fixed?”.

18:15 06:15
As usual, I leave my house after the sunset. My mission should be done in secret. So I decided to work at night, when nearly everyone fall asleep. After all, the head of this village has been agreed to this term. I hope this would be a win-win solution. For me and the rest of the villagers who have been provoked by fears. Some said if you want to die peacefully, you have just to be grateful for everything. The bright sunshine, the lovely bedroom, the fresh morning air, and even the existence of yourself. So, come on, enjoy your days out. Live your life with no regrets. Like I do, every day, with my workshop tools.
19:03 – 04:55 07:03 – 16:55
I interrogate some villagers to get some details. Hopefully, I might had a chance to get a jackpot. For your information, this village has only 340 inhabitants. So it should be easy for me to trace the suspect, one by one.

Actually, there is a rumour that has been spread out to the whole village. The killer himself is a nice person, a friendly type who always giving a smile to everyone he meets. But they said, he has been cursed with dark powers. So that everyone who touched directly by his hands will obviously die within hours.

Such a silly story isn’t it? But I do not want to be defeated by his popularity. So I create a method. I call it a cause and effect method. If his hands were so powerful, I just get everyone’s hands covered with locked metal gloves. Of course, I can not do it to everyone at the same time. I need to find the killer carefully, right?

By the way, this gloves can only be unlocked by one certain key, my special key. I applied the rule to the one who had been interrogated. They have to go to my house for the next 36 hours to get those gloves unlocked. If there is not a murder case appeared within that period, it can be ascertained that the person is the killer.

Thank God, my workshop has never be bored. There is always someone who needs my help. A broken digital camera, that is my specialties. Air conditioning that does not work well, I am the right man for fixing it. Do you have a perforated backpack? I could give you a 100% guarantee that your backpack will be like a new one. And even so, I do love being an impromptu dentist in this small village. Not for treating people’s teeth. But to fix their braces. :mrgreen:

From all those services, there is one thing that became my attention. This item is very unique. Almost every day, there’s always someone who needs my help to cast it loose. They used to call it as metal gloves. What kind of freak who put this weird stuff into innocent people’s hands. I really do not believe it.

From what I heard, there is a detective who doing that. I do not know his motives. I have never met him in person. But, I am sorry Mr. Detective, I had to let you down. I will always break your glove’s lock into pieces. The only purpose I have now is satisfying my customers. If you are not willing to accept my challenge, you have to show me another crazier challenge. Ha ha ha… kidding!!

By the way, I have been thinking, doing interaction with mechanical tools is quite interesting for me. But how about touching the living creatures. I see some interesting cell movement in there. It must be complex I believe. No no no… It is not what you are thinking. I am not the killer. I just want to have a pet. πŸ˜€

04:56 – 05:32 16:56 – 17:32
Every time I arrived at my house, I always find the broken gloves under my desk. And then, not long after, I receive a news that there was a murder, same motives just like before. It seems he knows me very well. He sent the gloves here right after he killed somebody. I really do not have any idea what kind of game that he wants to play. Recently, I feel some constant odd from my customers, especially who wears those gloves. It seems they are trying to tell me something. But I never understand what they said. I just realize that all of them are looked pale. I do not know what’s going on. Is this has a correlation to the murders? I have no idea.
05:33 – 06:00 17:33 – 18:00
Doing my dead-end daily activities just makes me frustrated. I hope the killer could be found immediately before more and more villagers become victim. Suddenly, I missed my days out activity. But again, I need to rest for now. What time is it? Ah, I need a break for a moment. The time goes so fast. My vision becomes blurred by nightfall. I have to clean up my tools before the other problems appeared. I wonder, how’s Mr. Detective doing?


This post is a submission for BEC’s English Friday, 6th topic: Alter Ego. If you want to know more, please join us! πŸ˜€

60 thoughts on “ALTERnativE GOd-given [EF#6]

    1. The very same comment Mbakyu. Oh.My.God!
      Mbah Andik, you should write a book Mbah. I know that your stressed mind may result a book that is very superb. So Cetar Membahana they say.


  1. Whoa. How long did I hold my breath?
    Genius. For real, this is genius. Once again I said, you’ve written this in such a genius way thay I could even hear that serial killer’s voice in my head, greeting me, trying to talk to me, even asking me for shaking hands.
    On the contrary, I think I have heard the police’s voice also. Talking in a serious face, with a slightly murmured voice which contained fear, curiousity, but also hatred against the villain. He had tried every single way but hadn’t come with an answer yet.
    Should these premises be transformed to a full length novel, I’m quite sure that readers will really really love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I could make it to be a full length novel, not a fool length novel, hahaha… :))
      But now I realize, how hard writing a novel with detailed plots. It almost makes me crazy even for a very very short one. Huft… Salut lah buat novelist-novelist kelas dunia itu… gilaa ya mereka…


      1. Yep. They rock, they crazy, yet they can produce masterpieces in written texts. Hadoh.
        Erm, by the way, itu cara bikin postingan berkolom bagaimana, Mas?


      1. lah kok jadi ngomongin Gina sama Jeni? πŸ˜•
        tulisannya mas Andiklah…keren banget. ampe perlu baca dua kali dengan cara yang berbeda

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Alter Ego theme really brings out people’s potential. i guess we’re all just like diamond in the rough. we could use potential buyer here. anyone knows good agent publishing? hehe. a nicely written piece! love to read more..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, agree with that. We can grow up our imagination without limitation. And it must be a huge potential and valuable to our life. Thank you. If you find one, please tell me as well… hehe


  3. For those who commented that mine was equally good to this, I have to say you are wrong. Very wrong. This is SUPERB. Really great post Mbah. My mind was really wandering around reading this one.

    Liked by 1 person

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