The Wildest Dream: Becoming a President [EF#2]


Everybody has a dream. Both in the terms of actual or figurative meaning. Actual definition of a dream is a series of thoughts, images, or emotions that occur during sleep. There are two common occurrences, sweet dream or a nightmare. But let just skip this definition. Because we will not discuss it any further.

Now we have another one. Actually, figurative definition of a dream is more apparent than the dream itself. A dream by this definition is a set of visions, ideals, or strongly desired goals about something. And of course we need to set everything in mind intentionally in order to get this kind of dream arranged. The scope itself is divided into three (3) types: becoming what, doing what, and having what.

Becoming What

When we were in a childhood phase, many adults keep asking about what we want to be. Many of us are just brainwashed with some stereotypical answers, a pilot, a lawyer, an engineer, or the most popular one, to be a doctor. So, what do we have here? A dream is directly connected with any kind of professions that we want to collaborate with, or any fields that we will live on.

Doing What

Most people do not know what will they do in the future, in detail. But when we are talking about dreams, it seems that everyone has their own stories of what do they most want to do. Climbing the highest mountain peak in the world? Going around to the most exotic spots in every country? Or just spending the old days with fishing and farming?

On a famous animation movie which played in the middle of 2009 — Up, do you remember how’s Ellie defining her dream of going somewhere near a place called Paradise Falls? That is obviously an amazing doable dream.

Having What

The easiest way of describing a dream is creating a plan to have something. That is because, the objects are easier to be measured than the activities or professions. We can calculate the price of a house. We can guess what kind of car that we dreamed of. And we can always do the same tricks to measure any daily necessities. When we buy it, how much the price, what volume that we want, etc.

Dream Planning

Zae Hanan, a dream planner, one of my favourite motivators, once said, “You must have at least one big dream, and some small-middle ones as counterweight.“. A big dream obviously is not easy to catch. We need to take a deep breath and a long-term effort in order to get that dream comes true. Occasionally, small-middle dreams can be used to release our saturation, equalize our load, and reduce our tension while we summon up all of our potentials to get the biggest one. Therefore, if we have to define a big dream, do not be a half-hearted person. Just take it seriously. If necessary, create some crazy stuff on your mind, put your wildness into your dream, so it will become your wildest dream.

Example: My Dreams

What about my dreams? A big dream. The wildest one. Of course, I had it. Even though it may not as fierce as people said. But it is okay, I will try to figure it out, how far I can go wild with this one. Please refer to the picture below.


You may laugh. Hewhewhew. But indeed, I created that blog in 2006. And it has never be filled with any posts yet. The idea was so simple. Posting about programs, policies, and any issues related to the ins and outs of government. Any regulations and some considerations that might be implemented if I become president of Indonesia. But, shame on me. I haven’t had any idea about what kind of circumstances that may occur by being a president. I do not have any political backgrounds. I am not even a military officer. And I am still becoming an apathetic person to any kind of this country’s political affairs.

Why? Fortunately, defining a dream is just like creating an artwork. We do not need to answer all the questions including why we choose that dream. The only possible answer is because we want it. I just want to be a president. That’s it. Although it might have been fading away, gradually.

But, who knows. The diversity of our previous presidents and the recent shows us that anyone can be a president, whatever the background is. Engineer, military officer, religious figure, businessman/businesswoman, and even an ordinary man has ever led this country. So it does not really matter, as long as the actor has the courage to become an agent of change. An agent that has a great dream to bring this country becoming a valuable one to be served by its people.

In the end, there is nothing wrong to believe that everyone has shared the equal portion of their best dreams. Each of us just need to grab it more and more. Then let the universe determines its rules.


This post is a submission for BEC’s English Friday, 2nd topic: Wildest Dream. Please refer to the registration form if you are interested.

54 thoughts on “The Wildest Dream: Becoming a President [EF#2]

  1. what a beautiful, elaborated and thorough post Mbah. Love it. I will add your post to the recap form that supposed to be here in this post as well. 😀


  2. I enjoyed reading it, a thorough writing it is. It is true, the opportunities are endless. Anyone can become our president and that includes you. I’m with Dinar, if you ever become one, please comment on my blog regularly 😆


  3. I really like how you write the post,
    sangat tertata, rapi dan kronologis. Kayaknya boleh ya kalau ditiru 😀

    Tukang kayu juga bisa jadi presiden, believe the good dreams and gotta fight for it..!


    1. Ini saya reply dr kemarin sptnya blm masuk… twitter saya ga aktif mbak, kalopun ada, itu auto-repost from this blog… terima kasih sudah mampir… salam kenal juga mbak Andin… 🙂


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