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Weekly Photo Challenge – Curve

I have found a beautiful small curve from an interesting object. We call it “batik canting” stamp. As we know that batik is one of the famous tradition-based creations originally from Indonesia. Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth. The patterns come from a combination of dots, lines, and also curves with so many detailed characteristics and philosophies. There are two ways of creating batik pattern, manually drawing by using a “canting”, and print it repeatedly by a certain sized of stamp. This one is a sample of contemporary batik stamps which owned by our friend, Batik Fractal. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Curve

Weekly Photo Challenge - Symmetry

Weekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

Recently, I learnt about 360 digital panoramic photography styles. The concept itself is just quite unnatural. Combining a series of sequential photograph into one image which cover all of a 360 degrees viewpoint. For your information, a full spherical format of 360 panoramic photography has three (3) types of projection. Equirectangular, little planet, and cubic. It depends on what kind of usages that we want. If we are going to create a 360 world simulation, then equirectangular or cubic would fit the most. But, if we aim for just an artistic single photograph, little planet is the best I think. By some luck, I realized that the little planet projection have a similar characteristic, its symmetrical aspects. It sounds interesting. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry