Bad Bad Bad Badminton [EF#13]

It seems the challenges are more challenging from weeks to weeks. And I have always being late to post the challenge from time to time. 😀 I think my last EF post is more suitable for this week’s topic, Sports. But, in the matter of admin’s dignity, I have to pick another sports genre to answer the challenge. The first thing I have in mind was walking (alone), “mlaku pelan-pelan“. But it was just the way too general I think. So, I need another option. Hmm… doing horse riding looked awesome. But I never did it for even once. Doing some extreme sports like bungee jumping seemed interesting. But I did not have time to do those crazy things. The point is I have had thousand reasons for excuses like this. 😈 Continue reading Bad Bad Bad Badminton [EF#13]