relationship effect

Relationship Effect [EF#20]

Relationship effect is just like the effect of playing a kite. Sometimes we had a very beautiful kite. And sometimes we lost it. Sometimes we were proud of our skill. But sometimes we had to accept losing. Sometimes we were very confident of the strength of our string. But sometimes we had to admit that every string has a tolerance value to breaking up. Continue reading Relationship Effect [EF#20]

the memory of X

The Memory of X [EF#19]

Talking about the most memorable relationship, I believe that most of us would write about X. It is because X is the most sought-after thing in the world, all the time. In every equation, we are required to always be able to find the correct value of X. At some point, we need to find X to solve our problem. And occasionally, we have to discover the sequence of X = f(X1, X2, X3, … Xn) to find its final result. It is because X1 may has a relationship to X2, and we may know the information of X3 from X2, and it is not impossible that X4 has similar characteristic with X1, and so on until we find the real value of X. Continue reading The Memory of X [EF#19]

complicated relationship

Complicated Relationship [EF#18]

I have been told that there is no such thing as a complicated relationship in this world. The relationships become complicated because we are the one who created a complicated situation in our own mind. We used to be dragged into some complex conditions just because we can only see it from our own intricate perspectives instead of the simple one. It is hard to believe that this kind of circumstances may create a cruel perception of a simple problem in particular reality. Continue reading Complicated Relationship [EF#18]