object-oriented social media account

Object-Oriented Social Media Account [EF#404]

Just wondering, what if our social media account is an object-oriented social media account. What does that mean? It means that our social media account will have a direct correlation with the owner, us. Everything that connects to the account and its owner will be derived from its true personality and its genuine behavior. No more lies. No more excessive personal branding. And of course, there will be no fake accounts. Unlike everything that goes on our social media nowadays. They are just, too much. Too many affectations. Too many hypocrisy. Too many falsities. Continue reading Object-Oriented Social Media Account [EF#404]

empty your glass

Empty Your Glass [EF#XX]

We often do not realize that truthfully we are so stupid. Yes, stupid. It is not because we are not a well-educated person. It is not about how great we are in social status tough. Or, it is not a matter of how many achievements we have got as well. It is just a simple thing about how we can properly listen to others. How that can be? Continue reading Empty Your Glass [EF#XX]