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Indonesian Traditional Pastry and Cakes [EF#10]


7. Lapis Cake

Lapis cake is very easily recognizable from its color stripes pattern. Usually, it is composed of the combination of two or three different colors, white, green, and red. The white accent is coming from the original rice flour and starch base color. The green stripe is derived from the native color of pandan. And the red one is colored by a mixed red rose syrup. Interestingly, each color functioned as color layers which have the same thickness and combined beautifully so there will be no adjacent layers with the same color. Layering concept is quite strong on this cake. That’s why we call it as “lapis”. Lapis means layer in English.

When I was a child, this is my most favorite Jajanan Pasar ever. And again it is not because of its taste, but more about how the way we eat it. Believe it or not, each layer can be separated easily if the method is right. When your method is wrong, then some layers may ripped apart. Of course, this will be ruined your whole mood. That’s the challenge.

8. Angku Ketan / Othok-othok

The ingredients, how to cook, and even its mung bean crumbs inside are all similar with Angku Jambu, except for its shape. Angku Jambu is fruit wannabe oriented while Angku Ketan or Othok-othok is turtle alike. The taste is as good as Angku Jambu. But the memories that remain are slightly different. #apasih

9. Gethuk Lindri

Gethuk Lindri is one of gethuk family variants. As we know that gethuk is a well-known Indonesian food that made from steamed cassava. Crushed, pulverized, and then mixed with various sugars according to its type. It would be more delicious when mixed with grated coconut.

10. Bonus

Actually, there are some items that I have not mentioned. Such as Klepon, Nagasari, Klanting, Lupis, Gatot, etc. Unfortunately, I do not have enough data and photos of them. So, I decided not to mention it on this post. Maybe next time. This is not a promise ya… πŸ˜›

All the items on this post are bought from one place called Sari Sari. You can find it at the center of Bandung, Jalan Sultan Tirtayasa No. 17. At a glance, the item of Jajanan Pasar that being sold in here is very complete I think, except for some items that I mentioned above. Next is about the price. If I may say, the average price of the items is quite reasonable. The range is approximately at Rp.1000 to Rp.5000 per common item which I explained on this post. Not too expensive right. To be honest, I appreciate Sari Sari for preserving the heritage of our tradition, Indonesian traditional pastry and cakes.

Mari kita lestarikan aneka kue jajanan pasar tradisional Indonesia.
Let us preserve the multiety of Indonesian traditional pastry and cakes.


This post is a submission for BEC’s English Friday, 10th topic: What is Your Favorite Indonesian Food. If you want to know more, please join us! πŸ˜€

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57 thoughts on “Indonesian Traditional Pastry and Cakes [EF#10]

  1. Waaa Andik! Kuddos for you. This is the submission of the week. You especially bought all this jajan pasar for this challenge. I love love love Clorot, kue Cucur & kue Lapis. When it comes to jajan pasar, I really like those with coconut milk in it. They taste indeed slightly savory but sweet.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Mbahhhh…. this time portinganmu yg too many picturera dan ya ampun I really love all the jajanan pasar. Kalo tiap belanja ke pasar pasti melipir dulu tempat kue2. Beli sayur and ikan bisa blakangan…;)))

    Kue clurut itu banyak liat di kartikasari ya.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehehe…

        Ini aja pas bikin postingan sudah ludes dihabisin sama anak istri πŸ˜€
        Iya, kartika sari ada kyknya, pernah lihat. Sampe skrg masih amazed dgn lilitan janurnya itu lho. Kok bisa ngelilit kyk gitu.


      1. Very expensive which is why I tried to make my own. Banyak yang jual kok cuman ya gt deh. Bisnis, bisnis, bisnis. Gara2 aku buat jadi tau modalnya dikit bgt kok, $8 buat 20 biji, gilak kan untungnya.


  3. My favorite since I was a kid is the Angku Jambu. I found the other fruit shape, like watermelon, and so on. So darn cute and delicious :3
    I call Celorot as Ongol-ongol… Mas, this post deserves to be published in tourism flyers. Very good !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hap… hap… hap… I already imagine that the box is in front of me now, and slowly but surely I take one by one, and eat them with such expression that will make people around me get jealous :hehe.

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  5. Maaf mas sblumnya..ijin postingannya tak jadikan topik public speaking saya bsok boleh?,soalnya lg bngung nyari topik ni buat presentasi bsok..kyaknya ini mnarik πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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