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Photography 101: Big – Wat Pho


The Day Seven’s theme is about something BIG. I think for a while. And then I remember that I took photos of something fairly big. The object is located in Wat-Pho temple, Bangkok, Thailand.

This gallery is a submission for Photography 101: A Photo a Day March 2 – 27.

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Salam jepret! πŸ˜€

29 thoughts on “Photography 101: Big – Wat Pho

  1. Thailand. Never been there. Hehehehe.
    Ada temen berhasil dapat satu badan om. And kata temen yang lain, di Indonesia ada juga ya? Penapsaran sama yang di Indonesia

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  2. Eh, ini beda ama poto Deni di Myanmar kmrn ya Mas Andik? Tak kiro kembar. Paling suka poto kakinya, hampir mirip poto kaki yang tersebar luas di Instagram.
    Oiya,ini bikin poto galerynya caranya piye Mas?

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    1. Beda mbak Zi. Tp emang mirip-mirip sih. Lha wong negaranya saja bertetanggaan.
      Kalau bikin gallery tinggal klik “Create Gallery” di pojok kiri atas pas mau masukin image/media. Jangan yg insert into post langsung. Ntar bisa pilih multiple image.


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