Photography 101: Home – Fireplace


My favorite spot at my grandma’s house when I was a child. I grew up here until I moved to Surabaya, the biggest city in the same province. It has so many memories here and the fireplace has never changed at all. When we operate this type of fireplace, the smell of bitter usually sticks to the clothes and it will be difficult to remove it. My mom sometimes yelled at me because I often played with the firewood. But, kid will always be a kid, I always enjoyed playing with that kind of stuff.

Technical Details
Nikkor AF-S 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5; Focal length 18mm; Shutter speed 0.125 s; F Number f/3.5; ISO 200; White Balance Manual
Trenggalek, East Java, Indonesia

This photo is a submission for Photography 101: A Photo a Day March 2 – 27.

Blogging University

Salam jepret! 😀

25 thoughts on “Photography 101: Home – Fireplace

  1. Wooow. My grandmother used to use this kind of fireplace. Unlike this picture, hor house wall was made of bamboo. Aaaah. Reminds me of so many fond memories of my childhood Mbah.

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  2. Yes, my grandmother also used to make those delicious dishes through this place, as she didn’t like to use modern stove. And indeed, somehow her dishes’ tastes are really different, they were so delicious. We tried her recipes at home, but the tastes weren’t as delicious as her dishes’.
    Guess it was because of the stove :haha.
    This is indeed a very nostalgic reminiscent of home. Now who’s still using this stove, Mas? I infer that the stove is still fully-functioned.

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    1. Yes, the food tastes are really different when we cook using this kind of stove. It seems like… the aroma of charcoal becomes mixed with the ingredients. Now, my auntie is still using it for daily purposes.


  3. Cool picture Mbah. With the detail on it, lot of people can learn and try it also.

    I don’t have fireplace like that. What I remembered was my kicthen in the old house was so big. It can fitted for 50 people. My grandma had 12 children (each averagely had 3-4 children, from them, averagely 2 children). Hahaha.

    I love the food cooked using carcoal or wood. The taste is different.

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