The Story of Romance - BEC #EF7

The Story of Romance – Cover [EF#7]


I was really curious about 'The Story of Romance' and thought it was a pretty good story. And guess what, this is an amazing story ever. — Dani [Financial Analyst]

This is the best intriguing story I've ever seen. — Ryan [Accounting Expert]

Initially dubious, but there are many unexpected events in it. This is obviously a must have storyline that you won't missed twice. — Nita [Dentist]

Since I travelled to the various places in the world, I have never come across this kind of interesting story. Good job Director! — Deva [Traveller]


This post is a submission for BEC’s English Friday, 7th topic: Snap and Tell a Story. If you want to know more, please join us! 😀

101 thoughts on “The Story of Romance – Cover [EF#7]

  1. How unique!
    Ide-idenya Mbah Andik ini memang selalu orisinil :haha.
    Well, I’m quite curious about their story. It will be very wise if you share it to us sometimes :hihi

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      1. Siip…siip… cateeet.. ke upami teteh ka Bandung deui..

        Babeh Aan…?? aaah kemaren waktu ke Jogja ngga ada itu foto2 s eh difotoin sama Babeh Aan.. pdhl teteh sudah jauh2 tah dr Jerman ka Jogja hahaha


  2. Assalaamu’alaikum wr.wb, Andik… sesuatu yang indah itu seharusnya dihargai buat kenangan selamanya. Biarlah dicoret dalam bentuk apapun tulisannya. Saya suka foto hitam putih yang sudah dieditkan pake photoshop di atas. Salam sejahtera dari Sarikei, Sarawak.

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