Three Sheets at Rendezvous

Batu Karas, June 8th 2008
Batu Karas

As long as I have it true..
That pearl has always be set to the purple
It has no fear to the dark stone,
but definitely must be devoted by frozen throne
They said, “it’s always be the same.. why??”

As long as I have it true..
The dust can’t make any movements without wind
And of course there will be no scattered waves
However, dews always exist between them
They said, “what’s wrong with you??”

As long as I have it true..
Castles made of sand fall into the sea, eventually *)
Never was so much owed by so many to so few **)
Be honest, you saw more than rocks, sands, and even caves, don’t you?
They said, “ooh.. it’s just some problems”

And if it’s true..
It will be three sheets at rendezvous
No doubt, it’s the harmony of sea, sand, and sun
So I close my eyes and open up my heart
I say, “obviously.. there are no longer the two colors”

* Castles Made of Sand – Jimi Hendrix
** A famous speech made by Winston Churchill to the House of Commons of the British Parliament on August 20, 1940, at the height of the Battle of Britain, often viewed as the most critical turning point of World War II.


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